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Quality and Environment

Exceptional Quality and Value for Money

At Mayfair Home Furniture we are inspired by our namesake; the affluent and beautiful Mayfair area in central London. We strive to provide products with the exquisite level of quality that you’d expect from any Mayfair-based retailer, which is why we work incredibly hard to source only the very best pieces of furniture for our website.

We only ever work with brands who can guarantee high quality in both the design and manufacture of their products. We are official distributors for each of our brands, so you can rest assured that when you order an item from us you will receive genuine, quality goods.

In sourcing our products we make it a priority to look for both quality and value for money. Although we specialise in high end furniture, it’s important to us that the price tag of each product reflects the quality materials and craftsmanship needed to create it. When you invest in furnishings from Mayfair Home Furniture you can be confident that you will receive exceptional value every time.

Our Environmental Responsibilities

Taking care of the environment is incredibly important to us which is why work with manufacturers who use ethically sourced materials. None of our brands use wood which is felled illegally and all of them use responsible manufacturing methods in order to minimise waste.

All of our products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer, rather than being sent to us and stored in a central warehouse. This direct route helps to minimise emissions and means that we don’t have to waste energy powering a central warehouse simply to store products.

We also work with our manufacturers to ensure that furniture is packaged sensibly to reduce waste as much as possible whilst protecting goods adequately enough to prevent damage during transit. Furniture is shipped unassembled in many instances in order to enable more efficient transportation, but our free white glove delivery service means that you don’t have the hassle of assembly when it reaches your home; your delivery drivers will do it for you.